Six Great WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

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When you think of your business starting small, you envision growing in a rather short term.  You expect all your resources to undergo scalability and keep up with your new status.

One great thing about WordPress is that it can actually help you with this. There are so many plugins and tools being developed for the site and you just have to handpick the one you feel will be more useful to what you need. For instance, if you want to make it easier for your clients to reach you check out this list of the best WordPress plugins for free booking.

Without further ado, here is our list of six great WordPress plugins for small businesses.  Take note and make sure you get the best out of them.

Yoast SEO

When it comes to website administration, marketing efforts, and the like, all business owners know (or should know) that content is king.  Every business owner administrator of a website also knows the importance of SEO.  YoastSEO is one of the top WP plugins that makes it incredibly easy for content writers to maximize their SEO efforts.

This plugin is a must have if business owners want to enhance their content and become more shareable.  It includes a section that evaluates the readability of your post by enforcing critical concepts such as passive/active voice, run-on sentences, and, of course, spelling and grammar mistakes.  The SEO section evaluates your keyword and how to use it more efficiently.


WPForms is an effective and user-friendly form.  With this widget, you can create powerful and easy-to-use forms for your website.  Creating a form is the easiest thing as it offers a practical drag-and-drop powerful creation tool.

The Lite version is free and is a good chance to give the plugin a try before committing to the paid version.  The premium version offers functionalities that include multi-page forms, email subscriptions, payment forms, order forms, and other great features.

WP Smush

If there is one thing that visitors hate is a slow site.  Many times, inserting large pictures on a post can make the entire page load too slow for the taste of potential clients.  If you really want to include that picture on your site but it is too heavy and you are afraid it might impact the speed of your site, then WP Smush is what you need.

Because a frustrated lead will definitively abandon, WP Smush is a plugin that makes sure that the size of your pictures does not have a major impact on the download speed of your site.


This application has to do with security which has to be a great deal for business owners.  Sucuri’s web application firewall is one of the best protection plugins you can get for your site.

They protect you from most of the major threats to your website.  Malware, malicious users, and hackers are always on the look for their next victim.  Protect yourself with a safe firewall.

Easy Testimonials

User-generated content is very important for businesses.  As you probably know already, reviews from verified customers are more trusted than whatever a company advertises.   Many more and more users are referring to testimonials and review to help make purchase decisions.  This plugin allows you to make nice snippets of what people are saying about your product.

Business Contact Widget

This plugin allows a small business to display all relevant contact information.  This information includes phone number, email address, and physical address.  The plugin also allows the publication of a roadmap and business hours.  You can choose from six different designs to use the one that matches best with your site.

7 Newsletter Plugins on WordPress

Catching a client´s attention is becoming harder with passing time.  As more and more sites and companies are fighting to get users’ attention, creating awareness of your brand is of utmost importance.

One of the most effective ways of getting clients receive information and updates about your brand is through newsletters.  But even the task of creating newsletters and sending them to subscribers can be daunting.

There are many WordPress plugins out there that help you collect signatures, send email, and even create automated emails based on their navigation history.  Visitors to your site have already shown interest in listening from you through their email, now you must deliver what they are expecting.

The following are 7 of the best WordPress newsletter plugins.

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a must in any list of WP newsletter plugins.  This company started back in 2013 and is now the preferred plugin of more than 300,000 businesses.

The last update had some major improvements that made it overall more popular.  One interesting feature is the smart subscribers’ recognition which displays only those who have subscribed recently.  The full-page takeover is another feature.

The plugin is available at $9/month.

2. Newsletter

This is also one of the most popular WP newsletter plugins.  It creates a nice list of your subscribers which can later be exported or imported to a mail provider of your choice.

Probably the most interesting feature is a tracking service that allows you to monitor who is actually opening your emails.  Newsletter is available for free or with a $45/month subscription.

3. ALO EasyMail Newsletter

With ALO you get the convenience of collecting emails and also sending emails, all in one place.  This plugin has several interesting features that include link clicks, report stats, etc.

With this application, you don´t have to pay for any monthly subscription. It is free and it really offers pretty useful features.

4. WP Subscribe Pro

This versatile plugin offers an opt-in form popup, other popup triggers such as time delay and exit intent.  The design and user interface is pretty simple to set up.

The one thing that makes this plugin different is that you get a premium account at an only payment of $29 for lifetime updates and support.

5. MyMail

If used properly, MyMail can save you tons of money and provide the most powerful newsletter plugin.  This is not a popup plugin itself but it works pretty well with popup services, so you should be fine.

It supports real-time tracking of email open rates, click, and more.

6. MailChimp Plugin for WordPress

If you already use MailChimp for sending newsletters, the WP plugin is excellent to add more subscribers.  Some of the most exciting features of MailChimp include an easy use of signup forms and smooth integration with other plugins.

It has a premium feature that allow you to enjoy other features such as email notification, easier ways to style forms, etc.

7. WordPress PopUp

This is a popup service that provides all the major popup services such as several popup triggers, 8 popup animations, over 20 conditional behaviors, and more. With the premium version, you get more popup trigger options and an ad-blocker bypassing.

Malicious WordPress Plugin that Hijacked over 200,000 Websites Finally Removed

In a new attack of hackers against WordPress, a new malicious software was found.  A WordPress plugin known as Display Widgets was found to have a secret backdoor that would allow hackers inside infected websites and modify content.

According to a report by PC Authorities, there have been at least 200,000 websites infected.

The Plugin

The open source plugin “Display Widgets” was reportedly sold off to a third party this year.  Display Widgets had malicious code. The version 2.6.0 was released.  This new version contained code that could download data from users’ servers.  This anomaly was detected by David Law, a UK-based SEO Consultant.  Law then alerted WordFence, an IT security firm.

Mark Maunder, CEO of WordFence, said in a statement, “The authors of this plugin [Display Widgets] have been using the backdoor to publish spam content to sites running their plugin. During the past three months, the plugin has been removed and readmitted to the plugin repository a total of four times.”

Another update of the plugin was released.  Version 2.6.1 contained a file, “geolocation.php” that allowed its developers to modify the content of web pages and post any content they wanted.

It was removed but the plugin returned in September with a new version that included the same malicious code that apparently went unnoticed.

“The authors of the plugin are actively maintaining their malicious code, switching between sources for spam and working to obfuscate the domain they are fetching spam from,” said Maunder.

The Purge

When WordFence CEO Mark Maunder released a statement about the issue, he bluntly said, “If you have a plugin called ‘Display Widgets’ on your WordPress website, remove it immediately. The last three releases of the plugin have contained code that allows the author to publish any content on your site. It is a backdoor.”

The plugin has been removed again and this time we can only hope it is for good.  Last week, though, WordPress announced that there is a clean version of the plugin that is “safe and available.”

WordFence described the malicious code as having originated from a 23-year-old Brit named Mason Soiza.  According to the story, Soiza bought the plugin from Stephanie Wells, from Strategy 11, the original author for $15,000.

When asked Wells said that Soiza was “trying to build one of the largest WordPress plugin companies” which was “already managing more than 34 plugins”.

But the plugin has been ultimately taken down since September 8.  No new updates will be admitted to WordPress.  But for those who already had the plugin installed, WordPress’s Pizdin Dim stated that “the 2.7 version being offered thru the upgrade system is safe and available”.

The Top Five News WordPress Plugins

A nice news plugin on your WordPress site is a good way to keep your audience informed at a glance as they scroll through your website.  These plugins can act as small widgets on your site, provide an entire page of latest news, enable you to customize designs, create an animated news ticker and much more.

These type of widgets are important to give your website an updated look.  Besides that, it is of the interest of many readers to stay up to date with the latest news.

The following are the top five news WordPress plugins.  Use the one that better adapts to your site and its particular needs.

Live News

Live News is a super interactive ticker.   The design is inspired by the news ticker used in news television broadcast to instantly report breaking news, weather, and other updated notifications.

The plugin is highly customizable and offers four sources of news to display as sliding news.  So you get to choose between creating the news from the back-end, get the news automatically, get an RSS feed to retrieve news from or generate the sliding news from the updates of a Twitter account.

The plugin comes free but you can have premium features for $14.

WP Latest News

This WordPress plugin allows you to install and display WordPress news in one of six templates.  You can format your content and use widget positions, the editor, or inside theme pages.   So, you get to keep your visitors informed in a nice and highly customizable format.

The plugin lets the user customize the format, size, and frequency of news.  It really ups the organizational game and allows the visitor to select what is more relevant to them.

The premium feature of this plugin is $19.

Recent Global Posts

This plugin is highly customizable, which makes it pretty adaptable to most WordPress sites.  This application gives the user the option to change the number of posts displayed and even the option to display avatars.  You can actually preset the size of the avatar.

When it comes to reliability and access to customer service, this plugin is what you need to create a nice stream of global news.

Latest News Ticker PRO

Just like they do it in the news, you can now have your breaking news, forecast, or poll results announcement displayed in a nice ticker at the bottom of your site.

The Pro version of this plugin is worth $19 and includes many more features and personalized customer service.

WP News

This is another plugin that provides high customization to it and you can manage, add, or displace wind man.  As for the display, you will decide if you like vertical lines scrolling.  It’s multilanguage, responsive, of easy installation, and full resources.



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