The Top Five News WordPress Plugins

A nice news plugin on your WordPress site is a good way to keep your audience informed at a glance as they scroll through your website.  These plugins can act as small widgets on your site, provide an entire page of latest news, enable you to customize designs, create an animated news ticker and much more.

These type of widgets are important to give your website an updated look.  Besides that, it is of the interest of many readers to stay up to date with the latest news.

The following are the top five news WordPress plugins.  Use the one that better adapts to your site and its particular needs.

Live News

Live News is a super interactive ticker.   The design is inspired by the news ticker used in news television broadcast to instantly report breaking news, weather, and other updated notifications.

The plugin is highly customizable and offers four sources of news to display as sliding news.  So you get to choose between creating the news from the back-end, get the news automatically, get an RSS feed to retrieve news from or generate the sliding news from the updates of a Twitter account.

The plugin comes free but you can have premium features for $14.

WP Latest News

This WordPress plugin allows you to install and display WordPress news in one of six templates.  You can format your content and use widget positions, the editor, or inside theme pages.   So, you get to keep your visitors informed in a nice and highly customizable format.

The plugin lets the user customize the format, size, and frequency of news.  It really ups the organizational game and allows the visitor to select what is more relevant to them.

The premium feature of this plugin is $19.

Recent Global Posts

This plugin is highly customizable, which makes it pretty adaptable to most WordPress sites.  This application gives the user the option to change the number of posts displayed and even the option to display avatars.  You can actually preset the size of the avatar.

When it comes to reliability and access to customer service, this plugin is what you need to create a nice stream of global news.

Latest News Ticker PRO

Just like they do it in the news, you can now have your breaking news, forecast, or poll results announcement displayed in a nice ticker at the bottom of your site.

The Pro version of this plugin is worth $19 and includes many more features and personalized customer service.

WP News

This is another plugin that provides high customization to it and you can manage, add, or displace wind man.  As for the display, you will decide if you like vertical lines scrolling.  It’s multilanguage, responsive, of easy installation, and full resources.



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